Tag: Deceased


  • Allea

    Allea was a Cleric of Nelas who joined the party of Nia'Vae during AC1262, who was recruited by the party when they required assistance to retrieve a crystal ball from Aknes, a green dragon. Allea was present and assisted Nia'Vae's party when they slew …

  • Av'en

    Av'en was a Wood Elf fighter who was recruited by the party of Nia'Vae to slay the green dragon Aknes in AC1262. Av'en assisted in the fight against Aknes, but was killed when the dragon bit him during the battle.

  • Daro

    Daro was a fighter who deserted the army of the Kingdom Ahrea during AC1262, not feeling sure he would survive the upcoming battle for Iranel. He soon joined the party of Nia'Vae during their travels through the Iranel Line, amused by their quest of …

  • Ravalyassa Milner

    Ravalyassa was an original member of Nia'Vae's party, and woke up to find herself in the same cell as the High Elf Magic User within Prince Windsor's fort. The two worked together and made their escape attempt. Unfortunately, Ravalyassa was killed by a …